Eliminate busy-ness out of your business

Eliminate repetitive tasks by automating your Sales Value chain. Capture leads and route them to your reps Automatically. Add and assign tasks to have total control over all your opportunities. Automate sending your emails quotations, follow-ups, reminders also, manage approvals and escalations with easy to use configurable processes, workflows.


Put manual tasks on Autopilot


Turn conversations into customers

Bring all your leads in one place to keep your sales process uncluttered and focused on opportunities. Follow up, qualify new leads with powerful rules and automations instantly.

greencircletick  Capture and route leads with powerful rule configurations to get the ball rolling

greencircletick  Set up rules to distribute and add new leads from website to your sales reps funnels directly.

greencircletick  Configure rules for ageing, instantly notify your reps about leads that fall under

greencircletick  Redistribute unqualified aged leads leads amongst reps as per your need.


Quote to win more fast

Generate polished quotes in seconds. Set up automations to send quotes when needed and close more opportunities fasters.

greencircletick Create quotes using Pre-Built Templates or simply start creating yours.

greencircletick  Configure rules for sending quotes to internal and external stakeholders.

greencircletick  Automate sending emails and notifications


No more waiting for approvals

No more waiting on approvals or wasting time on approving. Configure your approval process easily with powerful rules for faster turnarounds and close more opportunities on the fly.

greencircletick  Access complete task history, documents and information for faster turnarounds and close opportunities faster.

greencircletick  Create multiple templates for emails and notifications.

greencircletick  Define and automate approvals based on threshold proposal value and notify stakeholders instantly.


Heighten your team's performance

Define rules to bring opportunities to closure faster. Empower your reps with everything they need to sell better, faster. Set labels and priorities for each opportunity. Everyone stays on the same page without missing out on key tasks and activities, ensuring each customer is serviced in time, always.

Sales on Autopilot

Whether you’re an enterprise with global footprint or a startup readying for your journey, we’ve got you covered.

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