Get Set, Ready, Sell

Swing into action with pre-configured processes, built-in analytical tools and a wide range of extensive features and create immediate results. Empower your teams to sell faster, manage opportunities better and increase win rate.


Sell to the finish line

Focus on what matters — winning over your customers and close more. Take control of your business and remove friction from your sales processes. Access, analyze and collaborate on relevant opportunities and tasks on the go.


Just a few clicks to do the tricks

Leverage our Out of the Box features to hit the ground running, easily onboard your people and set up processes. gain visibility across your business and start creating immediate results from day 1.

greencircletick  KPIs, Sales processes, Automations - Generate and Mail quotations, notifications, dashboards and more

greencircletick  Richly visualized dashboard with pre configured metrics presents data in real time, no more waiting for reports

greencircletick  Real-time analytics, reporting to enhance customer engagement and conversions


Start Selling from the get go!

Getting started is easy, simply Drag and Drop to manage your opportunities, see progress in the sales process. Start creating new opportunities and take your business to new heights.

greencircletick  Gain insights on each customer for better engagements and improved win rates

greencircletick  Pre-Configured Sales Processes & KPIs and metrics

greencircletick  Focus more on the opportunity and closure, leave the administrative tasks to Korero.


Customize your fiscals as per your financial period

Configure fiscal periods, quarters and more as per your needs. Dive deeper with our Out-of-the-Box financial reporting and gain detailed insights on progress and performance.

greencircletick  Configure your business accounting period including fiscal quarters

greencircletick  Save time, access QoQ and YoY reports, compare performance with a single click

greencircletick  Track real-time progress of opportunities and manage your people, sales funnel at a granular level for better customer experience.


Integrated Live currency conversions & reportings

Easily manage and generate your reports and analytics for your geographically spread customer base, with a single click. Create quotations and commercials in multiple currencies for your customers in an instant. Tune your focus more on your opportunities and closure, as for the administrative tasks leave it to us.


Lead your business with insights

Leading a team is not easy, but with Korero no more waiting for reports and excel sheets, keep an eye on your entire company's sales performance in real-time, in one place, at your fingertips. Monitor all your efforts and strategies with comprehensive dashboards and lead the way for your sales teams to generate more revenue.

greencircletick  Access company’s sales KPIs in real time, all in one place.

greencircletick  Richly visualized dashboard, across your sales processes, even past performance comparisions!

greencircletick  Published in reporting currency for Leaders to make informed decisions and guide sales teams effectively.


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Whether you’re an enterprise with global footprint or a startup readying for your journey, we’ve got you covered.

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