Boost your Placement Rate

Staffing companies can give their placement rates a big boost by utilizing staffing solution from Korero. Get your recruiters and sales team on board, improve co-ordination, understand more about your candidates and place more candidates than your peers.


Sell to the finish line

Focus on what matters — winning over your customers and close more. Take control of your business and remove friction from your sales processes. Access, analyze and collaborate on relevant opportunities and tasks on the go.


Bring on More Requirements

greencircletick  Korero’s solution allows you to create as many requirements in an opportunity and attach multiple candidates for each position.

greencircletick  Leverage Search based on multi parameters to place the candidate – “do it right the first time”.

greencircletick  Capture feedback and share with your colleagues, maintain candidate history and prep each candidate to score better in their process.


Automate, reduce turn-around time

greencircletick  Rules simplified will help an enterprise turn around tasks faster, automate routine tasks to improve candidate and customer engagement.

greencircletick  Empower your team by removing mundane tasks so that they focus on building deeper relationship with customer and candidate


Workflow approach to track candidate engagement

greencircletick  Track your candidate engagement using workflows, create multiple workflows with multiple stages.

greencircletick  Assign duration for each stage to initiate internal and external communication


Cast your net wide yet accurately

greencircletick  Improved Search on multiple parameters ensure you do not position unsuitable candidates.

greencircletick  Korero also allows you to better search on certain parameters for the perfect talent.

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